Blockchain Consulting & Development
Business consulting and project development for innovative businesses and startups

2017 Year Results:
  • 10 POCs
  • 50 Smart Contract Audits
  • 100 Smart Contracts & DApps
About HashEx
HashEx is an R&D company focused on blockchain integration in business processes and cyber security. For 6 years we have been helping business innovators make great progress, develop strategic plans and bring them to life. We are passionate about achieving the best results that bring success and excellent reputation for your brand.
Why choose us?
Our high-class services are backed up by 6 years of successful business projects.
6 years of work
We have an established brand of high professionals working with both small business and enterprise.
Individual approach
Every company has its own strategy and philosophy. We work together to develop unique products.
top blockchain developers
Top Blockchain Developers
Our team are recognized visionaries in high-tech industry, focused to help your business grow on par with new technologies.
Our services
We offer a wide range of services in the blockchain domain.
Blockchain Integration & Management
"As the blockchain continues to mature and find adoption in areas other than cryptocurrency, vendors across the world are working to integrate the distributed ledger technology as a trackable, read-only record for everything from shipping manifests and supply chains to equipment maintenance and dispute-resolution systems", Computerworld.

We at HashEx develop the concept of blockchain integration into your business processes so that your company can gain competitive advantage on the market.

We have succeful projects with supply chains, real estate, healthcare and digital rights distribution.
Proof of Concept
HashEx calculates the costs of blockchain integration into you business processes. We present the idea and business plan to the stakeholders.
Smart Contracts & Security Audit
HashEx team already deployed more than 100 smart contracts. We audited over 50 ICO contracts and saved over $300 millions of investor funds.

We develop the following Solidity smart contracts:
  • Token contracts ERC20/ERC223
  • Crowdsale contracts ICO/TGE
  • Multisignature contracts
  • Custom contract
Also we offer smart contract auditing for security risks, misbehavior, bugs and inefficiency.

ICO Consulting & Whitepaper Audit
HashEx provide a range of services to ICO projects:
  • Analyzing your product
  • Blockchain solutions advising
  • Technical consulting
  • Token's economy creation
  • Whitepaper audit, editing and translation
  • Legal support
HashEx Tech Stack
We use:
  • Java, NodeJS, Python
  • Web3.JS
  • Truffle & Open Zeppelin frameworks
  • Solidity smart contracts and DApps on Ethereum
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Graphene blockchains
  • Off-chain solutions
Our clients
Crowdsale Platform Backend, Token Contracts
For BITRUST, First Peer-2-Peer Cryptocurrency Insurance Platform, we developed a backend for the investor cabinet and a token contracts. It consists of HashEx payment gateway to process payments in BTC, LTC, ETH currencies for purchasing tokens, safe transactions mechanism, referral and bounty programs. Also it has reporting and clearing mechanism.
Supply Chain Management System on Blockchain, Online Store Development
For #blockdeblock, original cryptowear online store, we developed blockchain-based Supply Chain Management System and created vision of BrandGuard® technology. Also we developed frontend and backend for online store and integrated HashEx payment gateway to process payments in any cryptocurrency.
Blockchain Integration POC
For Aggregion, The Distributed Digital Object Governance Framework, we developed the concept of blockchain integration into their business processes. We advised on the most relevant blockchain platform for their goals. We developed technical specification for the product prototype.
Blockchain Integration POC, ICO Consulting & Technical Support
For IQ300, Project Management Tool, we developed token economy model and arbitrage concept. We prepared the concept of blockchain integration into their system and developed technical specification for the product prototype. Provided technical and advisory support for IQ300 ICO. Developed token and crowdsale smart contracts.
ICO Consulting & Technical Support, Escrow Multisig Contracts
For Arbi, ICO legal and escrow service, we provided full ICO support: token contract, ICO contract, Bitcoin payment gateway, IT infrastructure security, whitepaper audit. We also developed escrow multisignature contracts for Arbi clients.
Blockchain Integration POC, ICO Technical Support
For Venture Aviator clients we developed the concepts of blockchain integration, smart contracts for ICO and performed security audit.
Crypto Exchange & Bitcoin Payment Gateway
For BitBank24 we developed Crypto Exchange and Bitcoin Payment Gateway with full administration via Telegram Bot.
CRM Integration & Event Tracking
For Veeam Software, that enables Always-On Enterprise for 70% of Fortune 500, we developed the concept and prototype of integration module with deduplication support between CRM and Marketing automation software to decrease synchronization time 10x. We also presented a new event tracking module for marketing based on Liberating Analytics system.
Lead Scoring based on Liberating Analytics
For Glavstroy-SPb, a large Russian real estate development company, we developed and deployed lead scoring model based on Big Data mined from highload Liberating Analytics tracking system.
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