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Web3 founders exist in constant fear of attacks: time is against you and hackers never sleep. We are here to put your fear to rest. Our expert team is prepared to take care of your project. Look no further, put your trust in HashEx!

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Security Audit

Comprehensive risk assessment from an expert team with 6+ years of experience in DeFi. Audits of a wide variety of smart contracts from tokens to NFTs.
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HashEx Academy

Education and certification for Solidity developers and auditors. A community of like-minded DeFi enthusiasts.
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Smart Contracts Development

Our team of professional developers will write and test a smart contract of your choosing. We work with various standards: ERC-20, RFI, NFT, and on most popular blockchains.
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  • I couldn't have more respect for the HashEx team. ApeSwap partnered with them early on and they have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I always recommend HashEx to all ApeSwap Jungle family members because HashEx actually cares about your project and your code. They will work with you to improve it and will do it at a very reasonable rate. Other popular audit firms just want your money, HashEx wants you to be SAFU. If you are looking for an audit partner, this is the place to go!

  • HashEx has exceeded our expectations in every aspect. Undoubtedly, the team is highly professional. What surprised us is their strong emphasis on details. Whether it is the core function or the interactive experience, HashEx has made very detailed optimization suggestions. This makes us feel that the team is not merely doing a job, but is treating it as if it’s their own project and takes full responsibility for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Smart contract audits

      What are smart contracts?

      Smart contracts are automated contracts designed to execute predefined terms when specific conditions are met. Smart contracts operate on blockchain and facilitate secure, transparent transactions without the need for intermediaries.

      What security risks do smart contracts pose?

      Despite their efficacy, smart contracts are vulnerable to various risks. Many of them stem from coding errors, fraudulent activities, or design imperfections. Such vulnerabilities often lead to unauthorized access, fund misappropriation, and security breaches. Regular audits by experienced professionals are imperative in order to identify and mitigate these risks.

      What is a smart contract audit?

      A smart contract audit is a necessary step in the development and launch of any blockchain project. It involves a thorough examination of the code by security experts. The goals of a smart contract audit are to meticulously assess the smart contract code, and identify vulnerabilities, loopholes, and inefficiencies. HashEx, with its extensive experience in audits since 2017, not only provides recommendations but offers valuable insights and suggestions. Additionally, HashEx offers a complimentary recheck service after adjustments have been made.

      Why is a smart contract audit important?

      Ensuring the resilience of smart contracts against vulnerabilities before deployment is crucial. First and foremost, this is due to the irreversible nature of smart contracts. Auditing a smart contract allows to predict and protect the code from potential exploits, as well as safeguard project assets. Audits help bolster the project’s reputation and nurture trust among users and investors alike.

      How much does a smart contract audit cost?

      The cost for a smart contract audit varies based on several factors. Among them are project complexity, code volume, and urgency. At HashEx, we provide competitive pricing tailored to your project's specific requirements. We ensure transparency and value for our clients. Contact us today to request a personalized quote and learn more about how we can meet your auditing needs.

      Will I get recommendations on how to address detected issues after an audit?

      Absolutely. Following the smart contract audit, our team provides you with comprehensive and actionable recommendations to address any detected issues. These recommendations are designed to enhance both the security and efficiency of your smart contracts, ensuring the safety and integrity of your project.

      How long does a smart contract audit typically take?

      The duration of a smart contract auditing process can vary depending on the project's scope and complexity. Our team provides upfront estimates to give you a clear idea of when you can expect to receive the audit results, ensuring transparency and helping you plan accordingly.

      Do security engineers exclusively address security vulnerabilities?

      While ensuring the security of smart contracts remains paramount, our team of security experts also dedicates significant attention to optimizing code functionality and enhancing the overall performance of your smart contracts. Through a comprehensive audit process, we analyze security vulnerabilities, provide professional recommendations, and implement improvements to enhance the security and performance of your smart contracts.

      Why should I trust HashEx?

      HashEx is a renowned leader in blockchain security, boasting a proven track record of safeguarding over $4 billion in assets through more than 1,500 audits. Our portfolio includes high-profile projects such as Venus Protocol and Trader Joe. We excel at uncovering vulnerabilities that may have been missed by other auditors. Our expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence make us the ideal partner for securing your Web3 project.

      What security and auditing services does HashEx offer?

      HashEx provides a wide range of security services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our offerings include smart contract code reviews, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and customized security audits. Additionally, we offer subscription-based security services to ensure ongoing protection for your projects. With our Security Subscription service, you can delegate the task of code checking in your repository to professionals, allowing for continuous security monitoring by several HashEx auditors.

      What does the smart contract audit process at HashEx look like?

      Our comprehensive audit process entails a meticulous review of the smart contract's code and functionality, ensuring adherence to the highest security standards. Here is a step-by-step overview of our audit process: Contact: We receive the code specifications after you order a smart contract audit. Quote: We send you a quote and a timeline for the audit. Smart Contract Audit: We commence the auditing process. Report: We send you the preliminary audit report. Fixes: You address the issues based on our audit report recommendations. Publish: We review the fixes, update the report, and then publish it.

      What does the audit scope cover, and which areas of the smart contract does HashEx review?

      HashEx conducts a thorough audit covering all aspects of the smart contract, ranging from its underlying logic and algorithms to data structures and external dependencies. Our audit process involves meticulously reviewing the code and functionality of the smart contract to ensure compliance with the highest security standards. This includes comprehensive code analysis, formal verification, and risk assessment aimed at identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities. Our primary objective is to safeguard the overall integrity and security of the smart contract.

      What is HashEx's expertise in smart contract programming languages?

      HashEx specializes in auditing smart contracts written in Solidity and Rust languages. Our team possesses deep knowledge of these languages and adheres to best practices to effectively secure smart contracts. Requests for audits in other languages can be discussed by contacting our team.

      What tools for smart contract auditing does HashEx use?

      In our smart contract auditing process, we utilize advanced tools such as the Solidity Compiler, static and dynamic analysis tools, and frameworks like Truffle Suite and Ganache for thorough testing and verification.

      What post-audit support does HashEx offer?

      HashEx offers comprehensive post-audit support to ensure the long-term success and security of your project. Our services include consultations and assistance with implementing recommended improvements. Additionally, we provide a free recheck to verify the effectiveness of the implemented changes. Consider our security subscription for continuous protection even after the audit and peace of mind.

      How can I get my smart contract audited by HashEx?

      Initiating the smart contract audit process with HashEx is simple: contact us to begin the audit procedure. Share your smart contract details and code with our team, and we will conduct a thorough review, testing for vulnerabilities and providing a comprehensive audit report.
  • Development

      What types of contracts does HashEx develop?

      HashEx works with the most well-known types of smart contracts, primarily on Solidity and Rust languages. For inquiries on development in other languages, please contact the team. Among successfully developed contracts there are fungible token contracts, NFT contracts, DAOs and Farms, Staking and Vesting contracts, and many others.

      What is the development process?

      After the client approaches HashEx, we develop a vision of what the contract has to represent. We determine the type and language, the goals, and specific details. Then we develop the contract and test it. After that step, the client receives the finished product.

      What else does HashEx Develop?

      Aside from smart contracts, HashEx specialists develop simple and sophisticated dApp solutions, that include smart contracts as well as front-end and back-end.
  • Testing

      How does HashEx test smart contracts?

      As a part of the development process, HashEx always writes unit tests aiming to achieve 100% coverage. While developing back-end and front-end of a DApp, HashEx developers employ special automated testing scripts and manual testing by an experienced team. HashEx also provides fuzzing services upon request.

      What testing tools does HashEx use?

      HashEx tests smart contracts using several tools. Mostly, the developer team uses Hardhat, within which they apply a stack of ethers.js, waffle, and mocha. If further issues present themselves, and additional testing is required, other tools may be involved. If it’s imperative to test a contract, considering the real network data, the team does so using a mainnet fork. For Fuzzing HashEx testers use Echidna.
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