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Why is a Linea audit important?

Linea is a zkEVM rollup for scaling Ethereum dApps. Its developer-ready design makes the task easier and more achievable for any project.

With the growing popularity of Ethereum, scaling becomes a more and more relevant issue. For many decentralized applications developed some time ago, it’s a necessary process that allows them to respond to larger user traffic. Despite being a seemingly simple task, scaling requires serious changes to a project’s code. And even easy solutions can’t always guarantee correct performance. This means that the code has to be reviewed by a professional team of auditors. HashEx performs detailed audits of scaled projects and provides a detailed report with recommendations on fixing the issues

Ethereum Scaling

Linea rollup provides scaling for Ethereum with faster speeds and lower costs.

Linea Ecosystem

A quickly developing network of the most popular dApps from DeFi to DAOs.


Solutions for easy wallet integration, zkEVM transactions, and optimization.

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Linea Security Audit by HashEx

A detailed review

Two teams simultaneously review the code, providing an independent assessment of the existing issues.

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The team remains in touch with the client, making it easy to receive updates or clarify details.

Comprehensive report

The report will provide a detailed overview of discovered issues with recommendations and explanations.

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