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Why is a Polkadot audit important?

Polkadot is a blockspace ecosystem aiming to bring innovation into Web3

Polkadot is a platform that helps create apps and custom blockchains on its Substrate network. Through connection to Polkadot, chains become interoperable, helping the ecosystem grow. Chains remain independent but united through a sophisticated governance system.

Easy Development

Polkadot provides an easy-to-use tool for developing sovereign blockchains, betting on its own platform to guarantee interoperability and safety.


Involving nominated proof-of-stake, Polkadot guarantees high energy efficiency. This allows the platform to achieve the lowest carbon footprint among PoS protocols.


Transactions are spread across parallel blockchains, while security is enabled through a common set of validators. This allows Polkadot to achieve economical and transactional scalability.

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Polkadot Security Audit by HashEx

Vast Knowledge Base

Polkadot projects can benefit from the vast knowledge base, accrued by HashEx through years of working experience. The majority of existing issues have been encountered and fixed by HashEx auditors.

In-Depth Analysis

HashEx performs each audit in multiple steps, minimizing the possibility of missing the smallest issues. We involve both automated and manual audits to achieve the best results.

Constant Communication

Throughout the whole auditing process, HashEx specialists remain in close contact with the project owners. Which provides a better understanding of clients’ expectations.

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