Make DeFi #SAFU again!

Founded in 2017 as a software audit startup, HashEx has become an impactful DeFi intelligence and security provider.
  • 5+

    years of successful experience in blockchain security

  • $3.4bln

    saved of investors funds

  • 2,300+

    global projects are running on our blockchain integrations

  • 1200+

    smart contracts audited

The company has offices in the US, Asia, and Europe, but HashEx is well known in the global crypto market for its vast expertise and solid reputation.

Over 300 projects have been audited in 2021 alone, and over 1300 since the company’s launch. In this time the team of expert auditors from HashEx has prevented the loss of over $3.4 billion worth of investor funds. All that was possible thanks to HashEx and its products: CryptEx Locker and Smart Contracts Constructor. The latest addition to HashEx’s product line-up is AnalytEx — the most advanced and sophisticated application for receiving the most relevant and factual DeFi data in an easily comprehensible format. In 2021 HashEx has achieved 10х business growth, expanding our team and taking on new challenges.

Our products

  • An analytics tool for traders and investors. We collect the necessary information to give you a full understanding of the wide assortment of DeFi projects.

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  • A security toolkit for protecting investors and project owners from rug pulls and other forms of exploits.

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HashEx Company Values


We build up users’ confidence in DeFi by setting the standard for security.


We exceed customer expectations by providing top-rated services.


We deliver innovative tools and intelligent solutions that transform the industry.


We honor trust of our clients and fully dedicate ourselves to maintaining a top level of satisfaction.


We approach each project with outstanding precision and devotion.


We embrace change and quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving reality of the DeFi space.

Our services

Smart Contracts Development

Our team of professional developers will write and test a smart contract of your choosing. We work with various standards: ERC-20, RFI, NFT, and on most popular blockchains.
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Security Audits

Our team of expert auditors delivers high-quality detailed smart contracts audits. Reports include suggestions and recommendations on code improvement for various coding languages.
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Blockchain Consulting

Our blockchain consultants have helped develop multiple smart contracts, and have taken part in developing blockchains as well as integration of centralized and decentralized companies.
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