Incident Response

An attack, a breach, or misuse of your products by an unauthorized user could bring a lot of harm to a project’s operations, finances, and reputation. HashEx provides a service by a critical Incident Response team that can help you minimize the exposure, potentially recover the damage, and help prevent similar issues in the future.

Since 2017, HashEx services have included expert analysis of blockchain security incidents. We examine your current project environment and determine the root cause of the incident providing recommendations for improvement.

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Whether your project requires assistance with resolving a vulnerability in deployed code, or you need to set up a compensatory scheme after an exploit, our team provides expert assistance.
The outcome from the cybersecurity incident response service includes an official report that lists test methodology, a detailed review of the incident facts, an analysis of the causes behind the incident and recommendations for restoring damage as well as preemptively eliminating future incidents. The earlier you apply for Incident Response after the incident, the higher your chance to minimize the losses. Request a free quote, and we will get back to you promptly with a timeline and cost. For urgent cases, write directly to the company manager ( or

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