NFT Audit

HashEx offers NFT audits for new and existing projects. In a detailed coherent report, expert auditors provide an overview of existing issues.
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Why is a NFT audit important?

The growing popularity of NFT projects often leads to security issues.

Non-fungible tokens signify digital ownership, which allows users to buy, sell, and collect artistic products. While most tokens are aimed at crypto enthusiasts, NFTs are aimed at casual users. The result is multiple multiple fraud and scam accounts, HashEx’s goal is to minimize those situations. Like art pieces that need verifying to be sold, NFT smart contracts need to be audited prior to their release.

Experience with NFT

HashEx has already audited multiple NFT smart contracts, and we have the best testimonials to prove it!

Attention to detail

Thorough audits allow eliminating vulnerabilities lowering the chances of external attacks and hacks.

Security standards

HashEx aims to set the highest security standards for the dangerous NFT market.

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