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Why is a Neon audit important?

Neon takes the best from the two most popular chains – Ethereum and Solana. This EVM network offers both Solana’s scalability and liquidity.

Ethereum-based tools plus access to Solana assets make Neon an ideal choice to connect two communities.

Ethereum contracts

Solidity contracts for Ethereum can be deployed to Neon without any modifications.

Low Transaction Fees

Neon borrowed the most popular features from Solana - low fees along with fast transactions.

A Fully Developed Ecosystem

With its own governance token, easy access for developers, and available tools, Neon is growing fast.

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Neon Security Audit by HashEx

Ethereum + Solana

HashEx has vast experience with both chains, which makes our auditors uniquely equipped to comprehend the Neon network.

Solidity + Vyper

Knowledge in auditing both languages used on Neon, allows HashEx to provide the best possible service.

Thorough Reports

HashEx reports are written so that both coders and users could understand the issues they are facing.

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