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Why is a ZKsync audit important?

Audits are often a requirement for compliance with industry standards and regulations, which makes them an important part of maintaining a reputable and trustworthy platform.

A ZKsync blockchain security audit helps ensure the security and safety of smart contracts on the ZKsync blockchain by identifying and addressing any vulnerabilities or weaknesses that could be potentially exploited by attackers. A decentralized application security audit can help prevent the loss of funds or other negative consequences of a security breach. Additionally, a ZKsync smart contract audit can increase trust and confidence in the platform among users, investors, and other stakeholders, potentially leading to greater adoption and growth.

Cheap Computations

The design of ZKsync allows for unlimited computation in each block, enabling new types of DApps that can process more data on-chain than was previously possible.

Cheap Storage

ZKsync reduces costs and the upcoming EIP-4844 is expected to further reduce costs by an order of magnitude.

Unlimited throughput

zkSync Era introduces the concept of Hyperchains: sovereign ZK-chains on Ethereum, connected with a network of cheap and fully trustless Hyperbridges.

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ZKsync Security Audit by HashEx

Detailed Review

HashEx guarantees a thorough ZKsync blockchain smart contract security assessment and compliance with the ZKsync smart contract best practices

Maintained Communication

Through the process of ZKsync security review, HashEx remains in constant contact with the project owners.

Several Steps

HashEx conducts audits in several steps with the smart contract vulnerability assessment being performed automatically and manually.

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