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Among other things, HashEx serves as a crypto marketing agency. We utilize cutting-edge marketing strategies while finding goal-specific solutions applicable to your project’s most unique features. HashEx’s goal is to assist your crypto company in succeeding. Crypto marketing services provided by HashEx can bring an unknown project to the top.

Launching a startup on blockchain goes hand in hand with a list of specific tasks from creating a Twitter account to developing the project itself. Contact us if you want to achieve the maximum efficiency of your crypto marketing strategy. We are ready to provide a full range of crypto services, everything from development and audit to marketing. We have prepared bundles that include promotional articles, banner advertisements, Twitter ad campaigns, and many more options. Being one of the leading companies in the decentralized industry, HashEx possesses both experience and knowledge on par with top crypto marketing agencies. While a standard crypto marketing company focuses mostly on commercial tasks, HashEx includes recommendations on technical solutions and options that can make your project stand out.

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Other services

Smart Contracts Development

Our team of professional developers will write and test a smart contract of your choosing. We work with various standards: ERC-20, RFI, NFT, and on most popular blockchains.
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Security Audits

Our team of expert auditors delivers high-quality detailed smart contracts audits. Reports include suggestions and recommendations on code improvement for various coding languages.
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Blockchain Consulting

Our blockchain consultants have helped develop multiple smart contracts, and have taken part in developing blockchains as well as integration of centralized and decentralized companies.
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