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Why is an Arbitrum audit important?

An Arbitrum smart contract audit is essential to ensure the security and reliability of smart contracts deployed on the Arbitrum blockchain.

Smart contracts are self-executing codes that underpin decentralized applications, and any flaws or vulnerabilities in the code can have severe consequences, including the loss of funds or other valuable assets. A security review for an Arbitrum contract is designed to identify and eliminate potential security risks, optimize contract performance, and improve overall blockchain stability.

Ethereum Scaling

Arbitrum chain provides secure scaling for Ethereum with faster speeds and lower costs.

5.8 million users

Over 5 million users have already adopted the Arbitrum blockchain and every new dApp raises this number.

Powered by Nitro

Nitro’s next-generation rollup architecture provides 7x more throughput than Ethereum and lower fees without sacrificing any security.

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Arbitrum Security Audit by HashEx

Full Assessment

HashEx delivers a full smart contract vulnerability assessment and provides an audit report for smart contract code with detailed issues and improvement recommendations.

Two Separate Teams

Solidity code review is conducted simultaneously by two separate teams to help reduce the possibility of a missed issue.

Quality Result

HashEx security team has already performed over 1300 DeFi security audits

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