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Why is a Avalanche audit important?

Avalanche is a fast blockchain, low-cost, and eco-friendly blockchain. Like other advanced chains,

Avalanche comes with its own ecosystem that relies on its native token AVAX and a vast array of dApps built specifically for this network. Among other things, Avalanche has introduced a new scalable and robust consensus protocol that is energy-efficient and doesn’t require special hardware. With its rich and diverse community, Avalanche is open to many new projects, providing a comfortable and efficient platform for development.

Public and Private Blockchains

Avalanche allows building public or private blockchains that fully fit your app's needs. With your own virtual machine, you can dictate the rules of how it operates.


Avalanche smart contracts are written on Solidity, which is the most popular and explored language. Anyone can build on Avalanche.

The fastest

Avalanche prides itself on its speed, stating that it’s considered to be the fastest chain as measured by time-to-finality.

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Avalanche smart contract audit by HashEx

Solidity Experience

Auditing smart contracts for BSC and other chains that support Solidity, HashEx auditors have gained experience that allows them to easily detect potential errors and vulnerabilities in the code.

DApp Security

Avalanche security audit is a necessary step in launching a successful dApp. Providing security to the users is an important issue that supports the goals and ideals of the chain.

Multi-step audit

HashEх conducts its audits in several stages, which allows detecting the most common and rare issues that would likely be missed by automated tools or less skilled auditors.

Our Avalanche Network audits

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