Smart contract development

For over 6 years now, HashEx has been a leading force in Web3 security. All that knowledge and expertise can power your project. We at HashEx help our clients develop quality well-functioning smart contracts.

Thanks to our security expertise and vast knowledge base, we know what can pose a threat to a project before it goes live. And we are here to help protect it.

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If you’re looking for a quality result, using a third-party developer helps to minimize the risks of being attacked by malicious users. Enlisting the help of a certified smart contract developer can be a good way of showing your clients that a company is safe to invest in. In a fast-growing, and potentially dangerous Web3 environment you can’t put a price on security.
HashEx excels at developing and maintaining the functionality of smart contracts. Our vast experience in smart contracts auditing makes us uniquely qualified to anticipate and prevent potential issues. By fixing potential vulnerabilities in the early stages of development, HashEx can provide peace of mind to its clients. The development of smart contracts is a multi-step process, and at every stage, it’s helpful to have an experienced advisor or developer to deal with unexpected difficulties. If you trust HashEx with this task, you are guaranteed to receive the best possible result.

  • Development

      What types of contracts does HashEx develop?

      HashEx works with the most well-known types of smart contracts, primarily on Solidity and Rust languages. For inquiries on development in other languages, please contact the team. Among successfully developed contracts there are fungible token contracts, NFT contracts, DAOs and Farms, Staking and Vesting contracts, and many others.

      What is the development process?

      After the client approaches HashEx, we develop a vision of what the contract has to represent. We determine the type and language, the goals, and specific details. Then we develop the contract and test it. After that step, the client receives the finished product.

Other services

Blockchain developer

HashEx is an expert blockchain developer. Since 2017, our team has helped create multiple blockchain systems for our clients, gaining glowing reviews and trust throughout the market. Blockchain technology solutions offered by HashEx include different approach depending on your project goals and demands.
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Security Audits

Our team of expert auditors delivers high-quality detailed smart contracts audits. Reports include suggestions and recommendations on code improvement for various coding languages.
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Blockchain Consulting

Our blockchain consultants have helped develop multiple smart contracts, and have taken part in developing blockchains as well as integration of centralized and decentralized companies.
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