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Have you ever experienced the frustration of miscommunication between developers and clients, leading to missed deadlines and results that just don't match your expectations? You're not alone. Bringing your visionary Web3 projects to life is a road filled with challenges that can leave you feeling disconnected and uncertain about the security and success of your investment.

We understand the pain points of unclear communication, slipping schedules, and outcomes that fall short of your dreams. That's why we've designed our services to bridge the gap between your vision and reality. Our expert team specializes in smart contract development, backend, and frontend solutions based on Web3. We prioritize clear, constant communication and powerful security measures. HashEx Development team is here to ensure your project not only meets but exceeds your expectations, making the journey from concept to launch seamless and stress-free.

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Throughout the whole process, HashEx developers work closely with you, understanding exactly what you want from your project and delivering the intended behavior. By mapping out the features and goals, we make sure the result meets your expectations. HashEx developers offer their vast experience in building strong and safe smart contracts, web3 apps, and blockchains.
HashEx offers a full range of services but your main advantage is our dedication to security. Our vast experience in smart contracts auditing makes us uniquely qualified to anticipate and prevent potential issues. By fixing potential vulnerabilities in the early stages of development, HashEx can provide peace of mind to its clients.

Our Development Process


Requirement Gathering and Analysis


Design and Architecture Planning


Smart Contract Development and Testing


Backend and Frontend Development


Integration and Testing


Deployment and Post-Launch Support

  • Development

      What development services HashEx offer?

      We develop a wide range of Web3 projects tailored to your specific needs. The list includes custom smart contracts for decentralized applications (dApps), secure and scalable backend systems, and intuitive, responsive frontend interfaces. Our expertise extends to creating decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces, blockchain-based games, and more. We work with Ethereum, Solana, Aptos, Near, and other blockchains. For details regarding any specific platforms, please contact us. All our projects are designed with a focus on security, user experience, and performance. Whether you're looking to launch a new cryptocurrency, develop a blockchain-based solution for your business, or create a unique digital asset ecosystem, our team has the skills and experience to bring your vision to life.

      What Web3 platforms and languages HashEx specialize in?

      We specialize in a wide range of technologies for Web3 development, including Ethereum for smart contracts, Solidity programming language, and frameworks such as Foundry and Hardhat for development and testing. For frontend and backend development, we select the most applicable frameworks, depending on the task at hand. Our goal is to ensure a robust and scalable infrastructure. Additionally, we are proficient in implementing IPFS for decentralized storage solutions, enhancing the overall security and efficiency of Web3 applications. The list of languages our team works with includes Rust, Move, Cairo, and many others.

      What additional support and maintenance do you offer for Web3 projects post-launch?

      After a project’s launch, we offer comprehensive support to ensure your Web3 project continues to run smoothly and securely. Our services include monitoring for any issues, providing updates and patches for the projects, and optimizing performance as needed. We offer additional consulting services to help you navigate new developments in the Web3 space and expand your project's capabilities. Our dedicated team is available to address any technical concerns, ensuring your project maintains its integrity and continues to meet your business objectives.

      What is the process of smart contract development?

      Our smart contract development process begins with a detailed analysis of your project requirements to ensure the smart contracts align with your business goals. We then design and code the contracts, employing best practices for Solidity or other relevant programming languages, ensuring they are efficient and secure. After the development phase, we conduct thorough testing, including unit tests, fuzzing, formal verification, and simulated transactions, to identify and fix any issues. Finally, we deploy the smart contracts to the blockchain, ensuring they operate seamlessly within the ecosystem of your project.

      What security measures do you implement in Web3 development?

      In our Web3 development process, we implement comprehensive security measures. We follow best practices for secure coding and conduct rigorous testing across all development stages, including backend and frontend components, to ensure robust security. Utilizing encryption and secure data storage techniques, we protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. Additionally, we stay updated with the latest security protocols and blockchain developments to safeguard your projects against emerging threats.

      How do you handle communication and project management to meet deadlines?

      We prioritize clear and open communication through dedicated project managers who serve as your point of contact, ensuring all your requirements and updates are effectively managed. Utilizing leading project management tools, we establish transparent timelines and milestones, allowing for real-time tracking of progress. Regular update meetings are scheduled to discuss the project's status and address any concerns promptly. This proactive approach ensures that we meet deadlines consistently, keeping projects on track and clients informed every step of the way.

Other services

Blockchain developer

HashEx is an expert blockchain developer. Since 2017, our team has helped create multiple blockchain systems for our clients, gaining glowing reviews and trust throughout the market. Blockchain technology solutions offered by HashEx include different approach depending on your project goals and demands.
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Security Audits

Our team of expert auditors delivers high-quality detailed smart contracts audits. Reports include suggestions and recommendations on code improvement for various coding languages.
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Blockchain Consulting

Our blockchain consultants have helped develop multiple smart contracts, and have taken part in developing blockchains as well as integration of centralized and decentralized companies.
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