Farms Audit

HashEx offers farm audits for new and existing projects. In a detailed coherent report, expert auditors provide an overview of existing issues.
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Why is a farm audit important?

Yield farming, the process of lending cryptocurrency to an exchange through a dApp is one of the most valuable ways of earning on your crypto investments.

Farming is attractive to both knowledgeable and new crypto enthusiasts. For new DEXs or freshly created coins farming may provide liquidity for getting the project off the ground. Smart contracts in farming are responsible for the smooth functioning of borrowing, lending, and trading.

Secure trading

HashEx audits farms to make sure that the possibility of external and internal issues is minimized.

Full-scale audits

HashEx performs in-depth audits with detailed reports listing all major and minor issues with description.

Safe investments

An audit report helps to reassure users of a project’s positive intentions of growing and developing.

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Our most popular audits

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