dApp Audit

HashEx offers dApp audits for new and existing projects. In a detailed coherent report, expert auditors provide an overview of existing issues.
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Why is a dApp audit important?

Decentralized applications run on blockchains and operate through smart contracts instead of being operated by people or organizations.

Each dApp presents a certain function like wallets, dev tools, other crypto-related applications, or even games. Judging by the quality of the smart contract it’s always possible to predict the effectiveness and safety of the app itself. This is why a security audit for a dApp is an important step in development. Without a security audit for a crypto wallet, a user and their funds become vulnerable to various forms of attacks. HashEx's goal is to prevent this, and not let the users pay a high price for an error.

Audit wallets

HashEx Security Audits for Crypto Wallets can help protect users from third-party malicious activities or internal errors.

DApp security

A thorough analysis of Decentralized applications by HashEx will let the users know whether it’s safe to use the platform

Proactive approach

Project owners have a chance to review the contracts and fix the errors before deploying the contract or releasing the project.

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