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Why is an Aurora audit important?

Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine created by the NEAR Protocol team.

Creators call Aurora the most advanced EVM on the market, thanks to its features that include NEAR protocol scalability, full tool-chain support, and much more. Aurora is an exciting and innovative chain that attracts more and more projects every day. With the base currency being ETH, Aurora is easily adoptable by project representatives.

Over 90 projects

More than 90 projects have already been introduced to the users on Aurora.

Cheap transactions

Aurora offers fast and affordable transactions that can easily rival competitors’ offers.

Aurora advantages

Solidity smart contracts can be ported from Ethereum and launched with scalable NEAR infrastructure.

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Aurora smart contract audit by HashEx

Double security

Aurora security audit is especially reasonable for any Ethereum project being ported to the Aurora chain. HashEx will consider potential vulnerabilities considering the project’s features.

Solidity and Ethereum experience

HashEx auditors have spent years developing and reviewing smart contracts on Solidity languages, including Ethereum projects.

Multi-step audit

HashEх conducts its audits in several stages, which allows detecting the most common and rare issues that would likely be missed by automated tools or less skilled auditors.

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