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Get rid of all the headaches related to checking a code in your repository – delegate this task to professionals!

HashEx presents a new service - a monthly security subscription. Several HashEx auditors will provide continuous security monitoring of your repository.

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Smart contract security is a complex matter. Even the most experienced developers make mistakes that can cause losses to clients. Reviewing the code and discovering all mistakes is time-consuming meticulous work. The good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself! HashEx team will perform vulnerability scanning according to the highest standards.
Repository security is an issue all projects have to deal with. When developers write complicated code, add new features, or adjust existing ones, they don’t always have the time or skill to review and recheck the code. An immediate response from a trained security team will solve this problem. We will audit the additions to your code separately as well as with the already existing parts. Our experienced professionals will be available to you at all times, ready to check and correct any and all mistakes. You don’t need a whole security team when you can subscribe to HashEx Security and get smart contract audits whenever you require them. A subscription for security checks for a smart contract in a repository is the best way to ensure that your smart contract is regularly checked for vulnerabilities and security issues.

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