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Why is a TON audit important?

TON is a layer-1 blockchain designed by Telegram. Working with proof-of-stake, TON delivers efficiency and impeccable versatility.

A fast-growing blockchain with a vast community of developers and users. Unique apps and a set of useful tools make TON stand out.

Small Fees

TON requests small fees becoming one of the most affordable blockchains.

Fast Transactions

Transaction speed ensures responsiveness allowing developers to maximize the potential of their apps.

Environmentally Friendly

By using proof-of-stake, the chain minimizes the negative effect on the environment.

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TON Security Audit by HashEx

Comprehensive audit reports

Information about all the vulnerabilities in the contract code divided into categories according to the severity.

C++ Experience

HashEx possesses vast experience in various languages including C++. This knowledge allows auditors to easily detect errors in the code.

Preparing the Contract

Ensuring the proper functioning of all contract features, its readability, and accordance with its purpose.

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