CryptEx is a set of security tools developed by HashEx. A necessity for most new projects, this toolkit provides quality services through user-friendly applications.

CryptEx Locker

CryptEx Locker is a tool that secures Liquidity Pool tokens for a specific period, allowing their protection from rug pulls, team exploits, or other forms of attack.

Upon token purchase, users believe in the project’s success and accept the accompanying risks. They put trust in the project. CryptEx Locker backs this trust with action.

CryptEx Liquidity Locker Stake Interface
  • Secure liquidity

    As long as the liquidity remains locked in a smart contract designed by CryptEx, it’s safe from external and internal manipulations.

  • Easy use

    The app is very simple to navigate. It’s accessible to first-time users and doesn’t require any additional knowledge.

  • No external access

    While the LP remains locked, no one has access to it: neither the project owners nor the users or the CryptEx team.

  • Small price for peace of mind

    CryptEx Locker offers affordable fees for locking liquidity to make sure that all projects big and small can afford security for their users.

CryptEx Locker & Vesting Payment Plans

  • Payments in CRX tokens + 0,5 % LP (BSC only)
  • Payments in the native network currency + 0,5% LP
  • Full payment in the native network currency
  • Full payment in CRX tokens (BSC only)
  • Full payment in CRX that are returned back after the locking period runs out (BSC only)

CryptEx Smart Contracts Constructor

CryptEx Smart Contracts Constructor helps to create BEP-20/ERC-20 tokens.

Depending on the blockchain network you choose, CryptEx constructor will build a smart contract for ERC-20/BEP-20 standard. A user will be able to define the name, the symbol, the total supply of the token, and several minor details. The creation process only takes a few seconds.

Smart Contracts constructor can also build RFI tokens — tokens with built-in yielding. For each transaction or a specified action, the holders of the token automatically receive income. The constructor allows for more customization for RFI tokens. There are options for choosing fees, burning, whitelisting addresses, etc.

  • Affordable


    There are different options available: order only a smart contract or a bundle with the smart contract + audit. The latter allows to save up to 90% on auditing services.

  • Safe


    All smart contracts are audited by Paladin and HashEx. An audit report is generated based on previous audits performed by both companies.

  • Fast


    The whole process takes mere seconds. Inputting your specifications, press the button and wait for the transaction to become available on BSCScan.

  • No-code


    No coding knowledge or experience is needed for using the Smart Contracts Constructor. After completing a few simple steps, the custom token will be ready for use.

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