AnalytEx is a DeFi Intelligence app that brings insights and relevant data from the current market to a user. AnalytEx is a user-friendly solution designed to help make informed investment and trading decisions and stay up-to-date on all the DeFi opportunities.

AnalytEx provides insights based on terabytes of real-time data from Ethereum blockchains

AnalytEx is an advanced analytics ecosystem for DeFi 2.0 and beyond. AnalytEx cleanses, aggregates, processes data, and stores it in an easy-to-access manner. Dozens of DeFi solutions are already powered by the AnalytEx data.

For Money Makers

  • DeFi Yield Rates, all in one place

    DeFi Yield Rates, all in one place

    The easiest way to make money. Get notified on the highest paying DeFi yield opportunities right now: lending, farms, pools, P2E games. Find the easiest & fastest ways to increase your passive income up to 100%.

  • Data alerts

    Data alerts

    Receive alerts in Telegram, email, or discord on the changes in crypto prices, yield spikes, your current income on passive investments, and many others. Filter out the noise.

Mobile Version of Blockchain Analytics via AnalytEx

For Developers & DeFi Protocols

  • API-first

    Do not spend time on extracting and formatting data from several blockchain APIs. Request development of an API that will give you data points you need. We also have a variety of standard APIs, including real-time crypto prices.

  • Real-time monitoring

    Improve security of your protocol by monitoring suspicious events and failed transactions. Instantly receive notifications of the most important events and react accordingly.

Tablet Version of Blockchain Analytics via AnalytEx

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