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HashEx is an expert blockchain developer. Since 2017, our team has helped create multiple blockchain systems for our clients, gaining glowing reviews and trust throughout the market. Blockchain technology solutions offered by HashEx include different approach depending on your project goals and demands.

HashEx can develop blockchain systems for different businesses, taking into account their unique characteristics and target audience. A block chain developer can make or break the initial idea, that’s why it’s wise to take advantage of the HashEx company’s blockchain expertise. Our blockchain software developers can create the best product, and deliver the desired results.

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Other services

Smart Contracts Development

Our team of professional developers will write and test a smart contract of your choosing. We work with various standards: ERC-20, RFI, NFT, and on most popular blockchains.
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Security Audits

Our team of expert auditors delivers high-quality detailed smart contracts audits. Reports include suggestions and recommendations on code improvement for various coding languages.
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Blockchain Consulting

Our blockchain consultants have helped develop multiple smart contracts, and have taken part in developing blockchains as well as integration of centralized and decentralized companies.
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