Blockchain risk analysis

Blockchain risk analysis is one of HashEx specialties. Drawing from experience, our auditors and developers can identify most potential vulnerabilities within code, as well as predict vectors of external attacks.

One malicious user or team member is enough for exploitation of the code vulnerabilities. This is why it’s imperative to detect them early, and fix as soon as possible. Analyzing the potential risks can help to provide security to the project and its users.

Every blockchain system, no matter how well designed can fall victim to an external attack. Risk analysis of blockchain is the best choice for preventing future issues. Be well prepared for any inconveniences, and plan ahead.

Blockchain nist risk analysis is a necessary step in creating a well functioning system.

Among other things, during a risk analysis a permissioned blockchain can be developed to provide limited access to certain users or team members to make necessary changes or updates.

HashEx is offering its expertise in accessing risks and identifying potential threats.