HashEx has exceeded our expectations in every aspect. Undoubtedly, the team is highly professional. What surprised us is their strong emphasis on details. Whether it is the core function or the interactive experience, HashEx has made very detailed optimization suggestions. This makes us feel that the team is not merely doing a job, but is treating it as if it’s their own project and takes full responsibility for it.
Koda Finance
For me trust and security are of the utmost priority. This is why I decided to work with HashEx over the alternatives from word go. Dmitry and team are professional, punctual and hardworking. They care about our project and work with you rather than against you. What attracted me to HashEx was their superb locking facilities with their sub company CryptEx and the fact that they were able to highlight insecurities in Safemoon's code that even Certik did not. HashEx then supported Koda Cryptocurrency's move to V2 which was a huge success. Thank you HashEx and I am sure we will continue to work together.
James Gale, CEO Koda Cryptocurrency
DeFi Helper
The is not the first time we worked with HashEx and definitely not the last time. The team is professional, precise in communication, and quick responding. Looking forward to work again.
Vlad Komissarov, Founder of DeFiHelper
The experience was amazing. It was a very easy process, the team was very cordial, and they explained everything to us in detail. The audit was clearly defined and easy to understand, and they were able to complete the audit in time for our token launch. Overall, I loved the rapid delivery and professionalism from the HashEx team.
@Tytaninc, COO of NFTY Labs
HashEx is a fantastic group of blockchain experts who can be trusted to assist with even the most difficult projects. We saved a lot of time as a result of our collaboration, which we could use to complete other vital duties. We are grateful for all the help and commitment to the Yieldparrot team.
MoonParrot, CMO of YieldParrot
I couldn't have more respect for the HashEx team. ApeSwap partnered with them early on and they have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I always recommend HashEx to all ApeSwap Jungle family members because HashEx actually cares about your project and your code. They will work with you to improve it and will do it at a very reasonable rate. Other popular audit firms just want your money, HashEx wants you to be SAFU. If you are looking for an audit partner, this is the place to go!
DK, Co-Founder of ApeSwap

HashEx collaborated with #MetaHash, a next-generation network based on Blockchain 4.0, on Yellow Paper, architecture of #TraceChain and #MetaApps, and audit of #MetaHash blockchain security.

HashEx is a great team of professionals in blockchain that could be given really tough tasks and be sure they will help. It's extremelly rare that you can team up with an external team and get some load away from you main dev team, but with HashEx that's exactly the case.
Gleb Nikitin, Tech Lead and Co-founder of #MetaHash
CryptEx Locker

HashEx team developed CryptEx Locker, a powerful tool for protecting funds from rugs, team abuse and other forms of exploits. CryptEx allows users to lock tokens for a desired period.

  • Liquidity Token Locks
  • Team Token Locks

For #blockdeblock, original cryptowear online store, HashEx developed blockchain-based Supply Chain Management System and created concept of BrandGuard® technology. We also developed frontend and backend for online store and integrated payment gateway with HD Keys Library to process payments in any cryptocurrency.

HashEx covered the technical part of the project in full and let us concentrate on the business itself. With IT being the critical component in our business processes, our collaboration saved us a lot of time that we could invest into solving other important tasks.
The #blockdeblock Team

For Aggregion, The Distributed Digital Object Governance Framework, we developed the concept of blockchain integration into their business processes. We advised on the most relevant blockchain platform for their goals and developed technical specification for the product prototype.

Gnosis Network
Polygon Network
Bond Appetit