Online ABI Encoderfree

When you want to verify your Solidity Smart Contract's code on or manually make a transaction to call your contract's method, you need to encode input arguments in a special way.

Free ABI Encoding Service from HashEx helps you encode these arguments online.

Paper Walletfree

Paper Wallet is the safest way to store your seed phrase and private keys. Our free solution allows to split your seed phrase into several pages which you can print out and keep separately.

CryptEx Lockerfree

Allows you to lock your LP tokens and Team tokens

  • Lock LP
  • Team vesting
  • BSC, Gnosis, Polygon supports
  • Contract Constructor

AMM plugin for margin trading

dAapp that allows to wrap any AMM for margin trades with any pair

Multi-convertor (swap all in one)

Unwrap LP tokens and swap them along with other tokens in your wallet with one click