We at HashEx develop concepts for blockchain integration into your business processes so that your company can gain competitive advantage on the market. Also, HashEx calculates the costs and profits of blockchain integration.

We have successful projects with remittance platforms, supply chains, real estate, healthcare, and digital rights distribution.

Project Audit and Due Diligence

HashEx provides a range of services to blockchain projects:

  • Analyzing your product
  • Blockchain solutions advising
  • Technical consulting
  • Token's economy creation
  • Whitepaper audit
  • Risks analysis

Blockchain Architecture and Development

We can build your own blockchain platform. We have extensive experience with running public and private blockchains, forking existing platforms and creating new architectures.

We use the following tech stack:

  • NodeJS, Java
  • Web3.JS
  • Hardhat and Open Zeppelin frameworks
  • Solidity smart contracts and DApps on Ethereum
  • Gnosis Chain, Polygon(Matic), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Bitcoin, Graphene, Neo, Stellar, Cosmos Network blockchains
  • Off-chain solutions